7 Most Romantic Flowers For Valentine’s Day

We have an exotic and delicately scented collection that will add charm to this Valentine.

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Valentine’s Day symbolizes love, freshness, and sweetness. Having said that, some elegant Valentine’s Day flowers are certainly your best bet for making your sweetheart feel special.

And with Rose Garden Florist, you have nothing to worry about as we have the most gorgeous and fascinating Valentine’s Day flowers to offer to you. We are known for the most unique arrangements of flowers for Valentine’s day among all the Largo Florists. Our services have always been the best. So your search for Valentine's Day Flowers Delivery Largo FL must end here!

We have an exotic and delicately scented collection that will add charm to this Valentine. Hurry up and order Valentine’s Day flowers to grab the best one. Here’s a list of the best from our collection.

Red rose for Valentine’s Day
Red Rose Flowers

1. Red Roses

    Red roses are emblematic of love. Profess your feelings this time with a profoundly beautiful and scented red roses flower arrangement. While these flowers may be traditional, our arrangements are uniquely created. One can‘t take their eyes off the lovely bouquet of these enchanting flowers. These flowers are freshly plucked just for your special one!

    2. Pink Stargazer Lilies

      Lilies symbolize good luck, purity, as well as devotion. They have been used in wedding arrangements for over years in various cultures. They come in different colors and styles but the pink lilies are known to be the most elegant and quite expressive. Oriental lilies are famous for their mesmerizing fragrance. They bloom during summers as they need full sunlight. They are the true stunners of any event.

      Lilacs flower for Valentine’s Day
      Lilacs Flower

      3. Lilacs

        As the name suggests, they come in violet shades and are considered as the symbol of first love. They also symbolize passion and happiness. Its color is captivating and delightful. Their bloom time is spring. Their presence adds a heavenly touch to the entire space. They have always been picked when deciding on romantic bouquets.

        Gerberas flower for Valentine's Day
        Gerberas Flower

        4. Gerberas

          These are the traditional treasures. Gerberas flowers are truly attractive and come in a variety of colors. Their nectar and fragrance attract the bees, butterflies, and other insects, so how can we be spared? They have multiple layers of petals. The flower size is big and prominent in itself. Make your bouquet count while arranging for valentine’s flowers and balloons.

          5. Alstroemerias

            A perfect love and friendship gift. These cute little flowers come in shades of yellow, white, pink, etc. These flowers need less water and are perennial. They can be combined with different flowers while setting the bouquet. Multi-colored bouquets of Alstroemerias are much in trend. They look unique and spectacular. The vibrant flower arrangement would surely trigger the romantic vibes.

            6. Blue Irises

              Blue Irises are one of the most beautiful flowers out there. They look ravishing and we stock only the premium ones for our collection. Their bright and majestic shades can add glam to the entire bouquet. They are very romantic and symbolize boldness, love, and passion. We get a special demand for these. Blue means depth and compassion. When added with white shades, the bouquet will surely stand out.

              Chrysanthemums flower for Valentine’s Day
              Red and White Chrysanthemums

              7. Red and White Chrysanthemums

                These flowers give the perfect valentine's vibes. The deep red color when matched with white makes the decor complete in itself. The pristine bloom is very enriching. The flowers symbolize love. They romanticize the surroundings and look very sweet. White ones are the symbol of honesty and peace. This is perfect for beginning a new relationship.