Most Popular Flowers to Give as Gifts for Easter

Easter is almost here, which means it's time to celebrate all of the new life here on earth!

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Easter is almost here, which means it's time to celebrate all of the new life here on earth! We believe that one of the greatest ways to enjoy Easter is with fresh flowers, which add a welcome splash of colour and life after a long, dreary winter. And, as Easter is all about spending time with friends and family, don't forget to send them some flowers from a Largo florist as well.


Easter lilies are traditional Easter flowers for a reason. Their stunning white trumpet-like flowers and energising fragrance enhance any environment. While the trumpet lily is the classic Easter flower, other species of lilies can also be used. White Asiatic lilies are a beautiful option, and pink stargazer lilies offer a splash of colour.


Nothing says spring like the sight of a tulip popping through the earth. The tulip's capacity to remain dormant as a bulb throughout winter and then awaken in the spring as colourful blooms has traditionally been associated with Easter. Even if you weren't aware of the tulip's symbolic meaning, you probably knew they were beautiful! Tulips come in a variety of colours, so you may create a monochromatic arrangement as bright as an Easter egg basket.


The hyacinth is another classic spring flower that grows from a bulb. These blooms have such a powerful fragrance that you might scent them before you see them.

Having said that, these blossoms are stunning. Each spike is adorned with a slew of tiny blossoms that resemble miniature lilies. Today, hyacinths come in a variety of colours, but pink, blue, and white are among the most popular.


While you may not recognise azaleas in Easter arrangements, they are nonetheless associated with this spring celebration. These plants blossom delicately in the spring, usually around Easter. Azaleas are a wide set of flowers; the plants can grow to be two to twenty feet tall, and the blossoms come in a variety of hues. While azaleas aren't commonly used as cut flowers, they do play an important role around Easter. Some people follow the Easter tradition of giving their family members an azalea to grow in their garden. While the plant's blooms will fade after a few months, the flowers will reappear the next year.


These adorable blooms have long been associated with innocence and hope, so it's no surprise that they're an excellent option for Easter. Furthermore, the flowers blossom in the spring, which is why they are associated with Easter. Both cut daisy arrangements and planters filled with planted gerbera daisies are traditional Easter gifts.


If you've ever strolled by a surprise patch of daffodils, you realise how much delight these small yellow and white blooms can provide. They sprout from the soil after a hard winter and frequently bloom before the entire rest of the world has gone green. They are famous Easter flowers since they blossom in the spring. They also represent rebirth because they spend the winter underground, only to reappear in the spring.

Lenten Roses

The lenten rose, also referred to as hybrid hellebore, gets its name from the time it blooms. Although many spring flowers bloom during Easter, the lenten rose blooms a few weeks prior, during the season of lent. The blossoms on these bushes are delicate, resembling a single rose. While they appear delicate, they can withstand temperatures below freezing. And they flourish for several weeks!

With so many flowers available during Easter, the hardest thing is deciding which ones to order! While munching too many jelly beans can make you sick, there is no such thing as enjoying too many flowers. So, order a handful of your favourites and get ready to enjoy the arrival of spring! Consider Rose Garden Florist for all of your Easter flowers delivery Largo and adjacent locations such as flower delivery st petersburg fl.