Flowers and What they Represent for Your Personality

Before you invest in flower deliveries, ask yourself how your flowers will be interpreted. Flowers hold different meanings!

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The flower industry is worth $1 billion, which shows how much we cherish them. Flowers help us to connect emotionally with our romantic partners as well as friends and family. There are different symbols assigned to blossoms of various colors and species. In this article, we'll examine what they represent for your personality.

Classic Roses for Romance

Few flowers are as well-known as roses. Roses are timeless, and poets have cited them for centuries to express deep emotions.

If you love roses, it implies you project a calm exterior, but you are a passionate and vibrant person. You are sensitive, but you care deeply for your friends and family.

Roses can express different things depending on the color. Yellow represents friendship, while white is for purity. Pink roses depict femininity, refinement, and elegance. Red roses, which are some of the most common, stand for true love, passion, and desire. It would be best if you consider these meanings before arranging for flower deliveries. However, you can always combine them to symbolize something unique.

Tulips: Optimism, True Love, and Royalty

Tulips can have several meanings depending on their colors. But generally, these flowers represent optimism and vibrant energy. If you love tulips, you are most likely an active and extroverted person.

Purple tulips represent royalty and fame. If you are looking for something from a florist to gift a loved one, you may consider red tulips. They are a declaration of passion and true love.

Sophisticated Orchids

Orchids symbolize femininity, elegance, and refinement. They are a top choice for flower shops today, selling sophisticated bouquets with exotic flower arrangements. You can send an orchid flower delivery to a friend who has a unique sense of style and pays attention to detail.

Carnations for Innocence and Passion

Depending on the color, carnations can represent pure love, admiration, or rejection. Pink carnations are popular for Mother's Day flower deliveries since they represent a woman's or a mother's love.

Generally speaking, carnations may represent an innocent but passionate personality. If you love carnations, it means you are down to earth, yet you have a unique style about you.

Lilacs for Innocent Youthful Romance

Lilacs also have different meanings depending on their color. But they generally represent the innocence of youth and romance. They indicate that you are a playful and optimistic person.

Purple lilacs represent the passion of first love. White ones represent humility and purity. It is ideal for making online deliveries to a love interest or when you have just started a new relationship.

Calla Lily: Innocence and Gratitude

The flower is often taken as a symbol for the Greek goddess Hera. It also signifies a unique elegance and grace. Calla lilies also represent spiritual purity and faithfulness.

If you want to show appreciation to a friend or colleague, you can organize yellow calla lily flower deliveries. White ones symbolize innocence and purity, while purple ones represent passion.

Get the Right Flowers Today

It can be helpful to understand the symbolic meaning of the plant before making flower deliveries. Your loved one is likely to interpret the message the same way. However, you know the recipient better than anyone. So do not be afraid to organize a gift for them that is close to your heart. If you are still unsure of which flowers to send, Rose Garden Florists would be glad to help you make the right choice.