Four Messages You Can Send Through Flowers

There is certainly a good deal of messages that come with different types of flowers, which is one reason why many people choose to work with floral shops.

Did you know that 86% of people report that receiving flowers makes them feel special? It's no wonder that receiving flowers is a special moment for anyone, no matter why they're receiving them; throughout history, we've all been told that flowers are the ideal gifts, and even that they hold secret messages. In the old days, everyone knew the secret language of flowers, and could in a sense communicate through them. But of course, that is no longer the case. However, though we no longer readily know the secret language of flowers, that doesn't mean that we can't still communicate through them. There is certainly a good deal of messages that come with different types of flowers, which is one reason why many people choose to work with floral shops. Flower shops know exactly what different flowers mean, and can guide you in terms of choosing the right ones to signify your intentions. But fortunately, some basic symbols that come with certain types of flowers. Let's look into them below!

1. Love

Obviously, one of the main reasons why people send flowers is to signify romantic love. And in turn, a number of different flowers do carry this symbolism. But there are different types of love that are in turn symbolized by different types of flowers. Red roses, obviously, are most clearly associated with passionate love. Though they are classic, especially when gifted in the dozen, some find that they're growing tired of red roses in recent years. So if you want to step outside the box while communicating the same type of love, consider instead a red carnation, or perhaps orange lilies which specifically symbolize passion. Hydrangeas don't specifically symbolize love, but they can, as they are associated with heartfelt emotions. Returning to the idea of the carnation, know that different colors, as with roses, signify different emotions. A pink carnation may symbolize the love of a woman in general, or it could symbolize the love of a mother in particular. A white carnation, on the other hand, may carry the message of pure or innocent love.

2. Friendship

Of course, passionate or romantic love isn't the only type of love you may want to express through flowers. In general, you may also want to consider sending your love to your friends through flowers. If you'd like to express loyalty, think about sending along white chrysanthemums. Though these could also be sent to someone to signify romantic loyalty, these flowers more generally express a kind of faithfulness that transcends the types of relationships in question. The delphinium is meant to symbolize levity and lightheartedness, and might be perfect to include in a bouquet that you're preparing for a friend's engagement party, as it will symbolize the type of joy and laughter you want your friend to have during their marriage. A freesia symbolizes innocence, but also thoughtfulness. Therefore, if you want your friend to know that you're thinking of them and want them to be happy for the long term, you should consider giving them freesias.

3. Sympathy

There are a number of occasions that may denote sympathy flowers. Your loved one may be sick, or perhaps a close friend has experienced a death in the family recently. No matter what the occasion, giving sympathy flowers is a way of letting someone know, that you're thinking of them and hope for things to become better in the future. In general, white flowers are recommended as sympathy flowers, due to the peace, innocence and purity associated with them on a general level. Most commonly recommended are white roses, orchids, irises, and lilies.

4. Rejection

You may not want to send flowers to send a rejection message today; that might seem to be a bit much. But it's fun to know about, if nothing else! Yellow carnations must specifically signify disdain and rejection, but they aren't alone. Aconite, or monkshood, signifies hatred, while butterfly weed quite literally means "leave me".

Clearly, there are a lot of meanings that come with flowers. So the next time you're ordering a flower delivery, think long and hard before settling on what you choose, and as ask a florist