How to Choose the Perfect Flowers

Choosing the perfect floral arrangements to make sure your person basks in the happy starts with choosing the right floral shop.

It goes without saying that a flower delivery makes people happy. About 86% of respondents reported that flower deliveries make them feel special. Choosing the perfect floral arrangements to make sure your person basks in the happy starts with choosing the right floral shop.

The best florist Largo Florida has to offer can help you to choose the perfect flowers for any occasion. Below you will find some tips for choosing the right flowers.

Consider The Message

Flowers from the floral shop are not only visually stunning but are filled with symbolic meanings. Most of us associate roses with love but it is not just roses that have symbolic meanings. Even within the rose family, different species are meant to convey a different message. For example, red roses are the traditional “love flower”, white roses are indicative of “innocent love” or “peace”.

If you want to pay someone a compliment the purple Iris is a great way to convey that message of congratulations because the Iris is literally the symbol of compliments. Snapdragons are a symbol of power.

If you are sending flowers to celebrate someone’s birthday, each month of the year, has its own flower. For example, January is Carnation, September is Forget Me Nots, July is Lark Spur. Your floral shop will know which flower represents which month.

Asking your floral shop what type of flowers will best convey the message you want to send is an easy way to send the flowers that symbolize your message.

Color is Important

It is not only important that you choose the right types of flowers. The right colored flowers will also help get your message across. Sending flowers the birth of a new baby is a time-honored tradition. If you are sending flowers for a baby boy you want to choose colors that range in the blue-purple range. If you are sending flowers to welcome a baby girl you want to choose flowers that range from pale pinks to vibrant reds.

If you are sending flowers in sympathy for a loss, white is the traditional color. Lilly’s, Carnations, White Roses, and more can all be incorporated into stunning floral arrangements by your floral shop. On the other end of the spectrum, get well flowers should be bright and cheery.

Scent is Important

The perfect flowers will convey your message and entice all the senses including the sense of smell. Peonies are highly fragrant flowers that can be included in a bouquet or an arrangement. Hyacinth, Freesia, Peony, and Roses all can add a wonderful scent to any floral arrangement. They each come in a range of colors to complement every type of floral gift.

Learn more about your floral gifting options at your local floral shop.